Tail Feather – Spellbinder (Video Review)

Tail Feather – Spellbinder (Video Review)

Being deceptively simple, Tail Feather’s single Spellbinder isn’t a song that shouts out all its secrets in one go, even if you think you’ve learnt everything by the end of the first play through. With sparse but repetitive lyrics, it’s easy to quickly move on, thinking you’ve heard all there is to hear. But on repeated listens, the simple imagery of Spellbinder becomes more and more vivid – it gives off a light psychedelia without screaming LSD.

Formed in Reading in 2012, Tail Feather are a throwback to the 70s, with soulful singing and old school guitar riffs and solos – the music video for Spellbinder shows them hippy-like in a forest, complete with long hair and a moustache or two, as they sing harmonies and play their instruments among the grass and trees. Sung rather drawn out and slowly, lines such as “One day we’ll be seen in the land of our dreams in our universe” become almost a spiritual, meditative chant, about something greater than their literal meaning.

Spellbinder is already out, and they have a new single released on March 10th. They’ll be touring the UK in March.

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