Pixies New Music Videos

Pixies New Music Videos

The Pixies have always prided themselves on their flair for experimental artistry and not just of the musical kind. The most recent manifestation of this instinct are the new videos that accompany their recent releases, EP1 and EP2. Each created by a different and distinct artistic talent, their temperaments seem to be tailor made to fit each tracks style of music. Here is a selection of the most recent.

Another Toe in the Ocean

A surrealist western anime, with South American Grindhouse undertones, Another Toe in the Ocean was created by Romanian Animation house Reeanimation. The most childlike of the videos, Another Toe in the Ocean is an imaginary journey, full of life, self discovery and imagination. It’s like what Genndy Tartakovsky would have created if he were doing The Beastie Boys video’s instead of Spike Jonze.

Blue Eyed Hexe

The director for Blue Eyed Hexe, one mister Mount Emult, certainly has a grasp of the music’s themes. Created from the cut-outs of old newspaper clippings, this video fixates itself with the eyes. The whole video has a violent, destructive feel. The process used to create the images is pure, punk rock destruction; images being cut, torn out and defaced, then crudely pasted together with other images to create monstrous abominations. The original images are mostly of conventional beauty, and their ruin has an illuminating quality, as if through this vandalism Emult is revealing these images for what they actually represent. It fits so well with the music too, as it has this confrontational swagger, antagonistic and challenging.


The title is evokes the one the Catholics hold as The Patron Saint of Women, a strangely contradictory concept at the best of times. The video (a collaboration between director Judy Jacobs and performance artist Nando Messiasis) has a contradictory core of its own. In the beginning we see a figure wrestling with the bed sheets; the hair is long and straight suggesting femininity, but the body is muscular suggesting masculinity. The more revealing parts of the body are skilfully kept hidden from us and the figure is kept in shadow for much of the beginning. Once fully revealed the figure appears to be male, yet identifying as female. Her appearance is elegant, yet her actions are thuggish. She becomes sexually aggressive, victimising a young “chav” then eating his lamb donnar kebab (a food known in the UK for being incredibly greasy and made by hygiene phobic takeaway shops, mostly eaten by traditional alpha male types, aggressive and unyielding) in an animalistic fashion.  She then showers herself in rice, dances in an elevator, and has an egg and spoon race by herself. I took these to mean cleansing, feeling trapped and achieving balance respectively. Its most certainly bizarre, although I found Another Toe in the Ocean to be more opaque. It fits the ethereal nature of the song, seeming dreamlike in its symbolism.

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