Me You You Me - Daniel Carlson (Album Review)

Me You You Me – Daniel Carlson (Album Review)

Me You You Me is the new album from Daniel Carlson, which follows his 2010 critically acclaimed album Aviary Jackson. Carlson grew up in Chicago and eventually found himself playing in various bands in down town New York for five years- which then lead to him rethinking his musical route and creating his own sound. He swapped the electric guitars for Cellos, French Horns, Mellotrons and Moogs.

On his latest record Carlson has honed his sound, its so eclectic it’s difficult to classify, you can hear hints of Beck, and at times sombre yet dreamy. Me You You Me is part of a new and interesting genre of Indie – Dream Pop: with 60’s pop, post-rock and electronica mixed in to one big minimal, mournful pot.

The first release from the album is Eko. This is a great representation of what you can expect from the album, its introspective and resonating.

Me You You Me is out April 7th.

Kimberley Bayliss


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