Lion Bark – Longhorns (Music Video)

Comin Straight Outta Brighton!

A crazy 4-piece comprised of Guy Bangham (Vocals/Guitar), Ozzy Ellis (Guitar/Vocals), Josh Erişkin (Bass/Vocals) and Zal Jones (Drums)… nah  I stopped doing it to the tune of N.W.A. a while back.

Describing their music as ‘Beach Beats’ the group have sucked in the surrounding sea air and composed music that will see us through those dream like spring afternoons. The one’s where it’s warm on the beach but not so hot it becomes oppressive and you want to go in. They’ve been making a name for themselves on the local scene and are soon set to release their debut EP.

They have just presented us with their first music video; a piece of near perfect no-budget, maximum imagination filmmaking. Showing a young man going about every tasks in his student-looking flat a nightmare world starts intruding on his everyday doings. The simplest task becomes an impossible feat. Is it feelings of anxiety? Is it actual inability to perform these tasks? Is it the fact it’s how we all feel when we’re hungover as balls. Whichever it may be it made think of Shinya Tsukamoto’s ‘Haze’ which is a terrifying film so thank you to director Ben Pender for that. On what must have been a modest if not existent budget the video’s special effects have a Terry Gilliam charm to them. The visuals compliment the songs themes of loss and helplessness. Not being in control of your own surroundings. Although played out to some chilled guitar rhythms ‘Longhorns’ could be taken as quite a dark song, given your mood. A great band in the making with a first video that promises much for the future.

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