Let’s Wrestle - Rains Ruins Revolution (Single Review)

Let’s Wrestle – Rains Ruins Revolution (Single Review)

Giving Rains Ruins Revolution a spin, a play, a looky, however you in-gest it you could be forgiven for thinking you’re listening to something old-school, even classic. You would be wrong though and I certainly wouldn’t forgive you. Let’s Wrestle’s new single off their just released self-titled album continues the bands journey of catchy guitar riffs, delightful choruses and cheerful tunes. For a young band it’s a confident sound and they only seem to be getting better. The guitar work is becoming more intricate without become pretentious and lyrics more memorable. The track comes with a video that’s a bit meh and adds nothing to the track but it’s one that should become a live favourite.  This is modern-psych pop at it’s finest.

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