Dan Bettridge – Darker Days (EP Review)

Dan Bettridge – Darker Days (EP Review)

At a mere 20 years of age, singer songwriter Dan Bettridge has already received acclaim from X-Factor presenter Dermot O’ Leary who described him as “a credit to the youth of today.” Well with that kind of ringing endorsement from such a respected authority on music, Bettridge’s sophomore EP Darker Days must be an essential listening experience right? Err not quite. O’ Leary certainly has a point however as the music captured on this four track EP is so bland, inoffensive and utterly bereft of balls that it would be perfect to play to the residents of a retirement home just before their afternoon nap, in case the strong cocktail of drugs they usually ingest wasn’t sufficiently stupefying.

If you love faux-pastoral folk that even Mumford & Sons would reject in horror for being too watered down, recycled Cat Stevens melodies that only people who wear ancient brown cardigans could ever appreciate, and clichéd piano plodding that you hear on Hollyoaks when someone’s dad is a bit mean to them, then you will fall head over heels in love with Dan Bettridge and his toothless dirges. Best enjoyed with a weak lemon squash at 4pm in a side tent at the Green Man festival when you’re trying, and failing miserably to chat up a willowy blonde Sixth Former with Received Pronunciation.  In other words, Futile and pointless.



  1. A very harsh and I must say, unfair review.
    It might not be your taste in music but be a little more professional in your critiquing, other people do like his music.
    Dan is only 20yrs old, and with each record he will get stronger, writing a crushing review serves no-one, least of all your credentials as a reviewer.

  2. Firstly, I should say that the mannequin-like character stood in the woods in a denim jacket with a guitar is not Dan Bettridge, and it also never will be, which immediately leads me to question the validity of this review.

    However, I feel like something of sense should be on this page as the only valid and worthwhile thing you have put on here is the song itself that readers can listen to. Atleast here they can conclude that your review is quite simply ridiculous.

    You would not expect a christian hymn to break into a heavy metal riff, so why are you expecting this EP to be “ballsy” and (even more hilariously) “offensive”. Dan Bettridge is a folk musician trying to create an authentic and original sound, not a gang banging gangster rapper or cocaine fuelled rock primadonna.

    Also, its quite clear that this review is more searching for reader’s laughs rather than offering a detailed, educated critique of the EP. You clearly half-listened to this EP once, and did not do your research beforehand beyond reading the Dermot O’Leary quote which is easily found on Dan Bettridge’s facebook page. How on earth you can expect to give a quality, fair and respectable review in this circumstance is beyond me.

    I, and hopefully many others, can only assume you were in a bad mood the day you wrote this. Perhaps you missed the bus and then a car drove through a puddle and splashed you damaging your brand new suede shoes.

    Either way, the Darker Days EP is a solid progression from last year’s Hunter’s Heart EP and Dermot O’Leary, as well as many other reliable sources, are supporting an artist who is hot property right now and well worth keeping an eye on in the future.

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