As It Is - Bitter, Broken Me (Single Review)

As It Is – Bitter, Broken Me (Single Review)


Vocalist for pop-punk/emo quartet As It Is, Patty Walters, has already got himself quite a few loyal fans from YouTube by tweaking popular songs to suit his vocal style and musical preferences- so much so that single Bitter, Broken Me is taken from a fan-funded EP called This Mind of Mine. Not all credit can be given to the fans, though, there are three other guys involved in the production.

When someone says “emo” and your mind starts thinking up lyrics that you stereotypically expect of songs from the genre, these are pretty much exactly what you’d come up with:

“Tell me again/Tell me every way I failed you/ Tell me everything/ Everything you speak but never dare to speak”

It just so happens, these are what the band came up with as well. This is either good because you get exactly what you expect, or very bad because you just imagined a song but don’t get any of the credit.

It’s crafted like a tennis match of vocals. Walters’ higher voice serves, leaving Benjamin Biss to return with a throatier, deep response. Whereas there is the risk of just sounding like a duet of two usually associated artists, they complement each other and the contrast prevents you getting too accustomed to or annoyed by one voice.

It’s a fun track to listen to and will probably find itself being incredibly popular amongst high school students (denying this is the target audience would be extremely pointless and time consuming) but it is very cliché. As It Is will slot themselves nicely within the emo/pop punk crowd. From tracks so far unleashed on the world, there isn’t much to distinguish them from the already quite large gathering. Maybe this will work in their favour, the courage to produce something truly unique to a band comes with a large fan-base to support your new direction.

The drums are simple- as constant as a heartbeat (of a healthy person) and thumping as if they’re inside your skull. Drummer Foley smashes on those poor drums like they’ve been bullying him for weeks and he finally snapped. Like is always the case for the genre, guitars have to be heard and they have to be heard clear and loud- as if the instrument itself is feeling a little upstaged and has to out-do everything else, including the bass.

Whether or not you believe there’s talent here is extremely reliant on whether or not this is your kind of music. Definitely one the “marmite” genres, if you don’t like anything pop-punk or emo-ish, stay the hell away from this. If you feel you haven’t heard enough of it lately, this band is for you. By sticking to what everyone else is doing there’s not much wriggle room to go wrong.

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