Smoke Fairies – Eclipse Them All (Single Review)

Critically regarded double act “Smoke Fairies” return with a new album in 2014 and this is preceded with the dark, brooding song “Eclipse Them All” and its attendant music video.

A gritty and grainy low fi video accompanies this rich song based around the powerful vocals that have been the calling card of this blues / folk duo.  The lyrics, cleverly and passionately crafted, build around a chilling, brooding, lonely and aching chorus in which the vocalist simply restates, “you eclipse them all”.  This is not a new theme in music but it’s seldom said with such passion and such dread.

The visual images are of the moon and lunar eclipses, a somewhat obvious visual accompaniment to this song.  Also there is the repeated image of a young woman’s eyes as she looks at a computer screen which is reminiscent of “2001”.

Katherine Blarimie and Jessica Davies have already recorded three albums before signing with Full Time Hobby for their fourth album.  They’re an experienced double act who have supported Bryan Ferry on tour.  Their sound takes its influence from British folk but also from the blues of New Orleans.

This song is cool and recalls in terms of tone the paranoia and tension of the superb “Mezzanine” by Massive Attack.  The sound is rich, dark and haunting.  The occasional twang of guitar slices through but the vocals catch at the throat and heart like winter rain; it really is quite the powerful song.

Whilst the lyrics speak of love, they also speak of obsession and perhaps are further towards madness than a nurturing love.

The video is decent but this song needs no visuals; it creates a powerful, haunting image that outlasts its video.  Highly recommended, I look forward to the album.

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