New Video: MT – Alpha Romeo

First off, this has nothing to do with cars. It focuses more on the “Romeo” part, the rest of the title is for the purpose of a pun. It’s a blast of pop fun.

There’s no musical introduction, vocals and music start at the same time so there’s no adjustment period. At times it feels like the keyboard is keeping the track…er…on track… but then everything merges and you realise everything is as important as everything else. However, there’s little time to think about these things because there’s a good song to be listening to and who cares if the keyboard is considerably more prominent at times?

There’s no point denying it, vocalist Michael Tomlinson doesn’t look like the naturally confident musician people are so accustomed to. He’s got the awkwardness of a guy trying to kick start a career from his bedroom (except I imagine his bedroom isn’t big enough for a big group of people, including a full band with instruments). Nevertheless, the lack of over-confidence is quite nice to see, and the drummer has the enthusiasm of 4 people.

Vocally, there are imperfections. Once or twice, Tomlinson sounds as if his voice is breaking mid-word but that doesn’t matter because the infectious pop is worming its way into your brain, making sure you don’t care.

It’s the privilege of the minority songs to have weaker points that are so easy to look past. Apparently, the way to make sure these flaws don’t bother anyone is to have the weaker points only weaker compared to the rest of a solid performance, instead of just plain terrible. Why doesn’t everyone else think of that?

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