New Video: Middle Class Rut – Dead Eye

Middle Class Rut appear to be quite proud of their new video for Dead Eye, saying: “We finally made a video where no one dies, no children are fighting and everyone keeps their heads”. Kinda funny given that the song has a rather morbid hint in the title.

It’s not an overly cheery tune (too many uses of the word “dead” for that to be possible) but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable. This may see itself as a favourite of the ‘disenchanted youth’ due to its slightly sombre tone and content. It kicks in immediately and only pauses for breath when it’s finished.

Zack Lopez’s vocals aren’t perfect but that adds to the charm. While all other components of the track fit together and are exactly on point, he provides the raw aspect rock music needs. It does try to be completely ‘untamed’ but sounds too rehearsed to be believable. However, it’s drummer Sean Stockham’s work that grabs everyone’s attention. Sounding like he’s pounding the drums so hard because they’ve wronged him in some way, there’s no way people are finding something else to listen to for 4 minutes.

‘Dead Eye’ will be released 23rd December

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