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Brendan Benson – You Were Right (Album Review)

You Were Right, the latest album by Brendan Benson, is a real treat and an extremely underrated album. The talented Benson brings about his clean rock vocals and rhythmic music in the form of a great backing band. The talent showcased here is incredibly diverse and jam packed into a 15 track album.

These collections of songs are not only cleverly executed but will entertain fans with Benson’s trademark vocals and the treat of daring to do something slightly different in a handful of tracks. Powerful songs run through You Were Right from the instantly likeable It’s Your Choice – the opening track – and tracks such as Rejuvenate Me and Diamond.

I Don’t Want To See You Anymore is a great example of how Benson dares to be different as this sounds like a track straight out of the 70’s in comparison to others. Prime examples being the reggae infused I’ll Never Tell and piano enriched Swallow You Whole.

The previously released single Purely Automatic is an album highlight and brings together Bensons evidently prominent vocals to a bouncy soft rock track.

You Were Right is an Album full of attitude, talent and variety in style but never strays from that classic style full of melodies that is Brendan Benson. Rock n Roll fans are sure to take to You Were Right from that start.

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