Yumi And The Weather – All We Can (Single Review)

Yumi And The Weather is a relatively new band from Brighton. They have just released their first EP titled All You Can. The title track from All We Can was recently released on Youtube as a promotion for their forthcoming EP.

“All We Can,” the song, keeps in line with the tone of their other songs. They all convey a soft, ethereal mood that most synth bands do. However, the one thing that makes a synth band successful is some aspect that makes a song memorable. Unfortunately, with Yumi And The Weather’s songs, they are all one note.

Yes, the guitar grooves are smooth, and yes the melodies are pretty. But the only thing I find particularly intriguing in “All We Can” is the vocals of singer Ruby Taylor. She uses very strategically placed harmonies amongst the synth rhythms.

The music is one thing, the video is another. The video, supposedly directed by a director named Ciaran Wood, looks as if they handed a camera to a roadie and said, “Hey, make us a music video.” There is no storyline, no artistry, they seem to just cut together random awkward scenes of Taylor dancing in slow motion with pastoral scenery.

The pre-release of “All We Can” before they dropped their EP did nothing to get me excited about this band. EPs are meant to get people talking about the potential of the band and have them buy in to what kind of brand they’re putting out. Yumi And The Weather does none of this, so I’m unable to say whether or not they have potential in the first place.

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