The Sting – Gabrielle Cilmi (Album Review)

Gabrielle Cilmi – The Sting (Album Review)

Five years ago, at just 16 years of age, Gabrielle Cilmi released the ever popular Sweet About Me, which hit number 1 in 16 countries. Now, moving in a soulful and atmospheric direction, Cilmi is releasing her brand new LP The Sting. The album shows a clear change in direction, but one that seems completely perfect for the Australian-Italian singer-songwriter.

The songs are emotional, and thought provoking. They exhibit a variety of music styles which all combine into powerful album. Cilmi has clearly grown and developed as an artist, taking an alternative angle on her new music, but she’s clearly taken the right direction.

Lead single Symmetry, also released November 11th, has a powerful beat with a moody sound and perfectly showcases the fantastic resonance and tone of Cilmi’s voice, whilst Sweeter in History is a wonderfully self-reflective song, with a melody that pulls the listener in. I Am Just A Girl has a soulful and calm ambience which allows Cilmi to reveal just how wonderfully her vocals suit the musical direction she has taken, and Kill Ourselves provides an apt ending, rounding out the album perfectly.

The album has an incredibly mature sound for a 21 year old and proves that taking the time to develop this album after her 2009 album Ten, where she was pressured into a sound which wasn’t her own, has been worthwhile. This album shows a vulnerability and an sense of fear, but it works to create a moody album exposing the Gabrielle Cilmi’s true talent and musical prowess. It proves that Cilmi has found her voice, and it’s a voice so wonderful listeners will be craving more.

Jenny Williams

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