Saturday Sun – Orixé (Album Review)

Saturday Sun – Orixé (Album Review)

With the New Year quickly approaching, resolutions begin to flourish and take focus, but as Saturday Sun’s debut album Orixé is set to drop on the 13th of January, there seems to be more to anticipate than a new, barely-wanted gym membership.

The Swanage natives have already caused quite a stir with their first release the Seagull EP; despite being released independently via their own label Viva La Fleetwood, their debut EP was made a Recommended Release on the iTunes homepage and completely sold out within weeks.

Their indie, folk sound can’t help but present an original similarity to Biffy Clyro and Mumford and Sons. Their acoustic Watch Listen Tell Session exhibits lead singer Alex Hedley’s vocal scope, with faultless falsetto intertwining with an ‘earthy baritone growl’.

If the vocals don’t quite entice you enough, why not listen to a track dominated by their soothing instrumental abilities? Well, luckily, Blinded by the Truth does just that. With barely comprehensible lyrics, the focus of this song seems clear. The somewhat haunting string-work and eventual, powerful drumming and clashing of cymbals, this track definitely leaves the band’s musical ability surrounded by little doubt.

Going on Saturday Sun’s track record, I can’t help but feel that Orixé is destined for success.

See what you have to say for Saturday Sun and listen to their Watch Listen Tell Session and Blinded by the Truth below.

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