Ones To Watch: Dangerkids

What an amazing shock it was to hear Collapse by Dangerkids for the first time. On the front of the wrapping for the album a sticker stated ‘For Fans of Linkin Park and A Day to Remember’ which is a very accurate statement. Dangerkids have found a great blend of rap – rock, nu-metal,  and metalcore with electronic elements that are very reminiscent of Linkin Park’s older work mixed with the likes of A Day to Remember’s  hardcore vibes.

With a name like Dangerkids I was initially unsure of sort of band I was expecting after seeing an advert of their Album Collapse a couple of weeks ago. Now normally I am not one to judge a book by the cover but I am only human and it was not until I saw that the band were supporting big time metal-core band We Came As Romans did I take notice.

After listening to the album online immediately bought it.

Now having recently toured with We Came as Roman’s  and Silverstein it is no surprise that these guys are attracting a lot of attention and deserve it all from all the effort and energy they put into their work.

Each song on the album is truly heartfelt and full of emotion with a great range from heavy screams to the odd hip-hop like track. They even name drop the like of Linkin Park into one of the songs – why not if you are clearly influenced by them?

So who are Dangerkids?  They are a 5 piece band from Dayton Ohio having formed in 2012 and getting signed to Rise Records and touring a lot. A very talented bunch of guys, and girl, that deserves a lot more attention than they are getting.

I personally hope they are planning some gigs in the UK in the near future.

So if you are a fan of old school Linkin Park, love todays hardcore and nu-metal bands you need to check out Dangerkids.  Or even if you just fancy hearing something new and different Dangerkids is a must!

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