EP Stream: Vienna Ditto – UGLY

It’s always risky when a band creates their own genre. Vienna Ditto describes themselves as having “voodoo electronic” influences in their music. On their Soundcloud page they are tagged as a “voodoo sci-fi blues” genre. Those are a lot of extremely specific labels to us for a band. The risk is either you hit the nail on the head with those types of descriptions, or the band is just entirely off the mark. However, Vienna Ditto is not entirely wrong with their self-made genre.

The most striking thing that comes from the band’s newly released three song EP UGLY is their odd arrangement of instrumentals. Indeed you can sense a very bluesy atmosphere especially with their percussion. There is something almost tilted about the melodies that gives you a slightly unsettled feeling. And with a description like “sci-fi blues” I’m thinking that might have been intentional.

I do, however, think the songs would be more powerful with some stand-out moments for singer Hatty Taylor’s vocals. She has a very ethereal voice, but I feel as if it’s being too downplayed. The mood is good, especially in the first song on the EP “Ugly,” now giving it some meaning would give the song an extra punch. Personally, my favourite moment of the EP would be the opening guitar, bass, drum riff of “Ugly.”

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