The Daydream Club - Found (Album Review)

The Daydream Club – Found (Album Review)

The Daydream Club are a double act of great harmonies and acoustic vibes from Adam Pickering and Paula Walker. Together they bring out beautiful and simplistic sounding tracks on their new album Found. Not wanting to shove them into the folk category for The Daydream Club, despite reminiscing that of folk, is more a blend of pure instrumentation and great song writing skills.

Kicking off this album review with the title track; Found contains upbeat guitar work with beautiful melodic vocals. This is one to be played loud as it is a fun track you would expect to hear as you drive along in the sun.

Mesmerising harmonies flood through this album through songs such as Soundwaves of Gold and Fear of Wolves.  What is striking about Fear of Wolves is the reflective lyrics about fear and how it ‘makes the wolf bigger than it is’. It is a thought provoking song about fear, bravery and how we should overcome it.

Remember Me is probably the most distinctive on the album as it starts up with relaxing melodic guitar and accordion work before meeting the vocals in a hypnotic manner. It is a lullaby-like track that creates a relaxing atmosphere for any listener.

Little Face is a haunting track that closes the album. The echoing duet of the vocals really showcases the talent of their vocal range and the catchy lyrics makes this tune truly remarkable.

If that was not enough for you The Daydream Club has included remixes of their songs which are equally compelling as the originals. It is quiet hard to believe that The Day Dream Club are in fact unsigned with a quality album such as this. Found is stripped down music baring their talent in the vocals and musical arrangements. It is refreshing to hear an album such as this and a must for fans of real honest music.

Grab the new EP Found  on the 28th October.



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