New Music: Cults – High Road

Curious duo, Cults, will release their highly anticipated second album ‘Static’ next month, a follow-up to their critically adorned 2010 self-titled debut. Comprising of Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion, they mysteriously appeared on the music scene in the spring of 2010 with their viral single ‘Go Outside’. They have since gained positive attention from the likes of the New York Times and NME.

The 11-track album includes the previously released song ‘I Can Hardly Make You Mine’, and the band have shared a self-directed album teaser featuring additional tracks, which can be viewed on their website

Lead single ‘High Road’ is currently available on YouTube, opening with a steady beat of guitar and drums, until the surprise of Madeline’s voice kicks in. Dreamy, and sugarplum-cute, the sound is something contemporary and uber-modern. The duo are very aware of how to use their more retro musical influences to create something for today.

With sections of heavier guitar, the sugar-sweet cloud is edged with something a little sharper. It leaves you a little suspiscious; like standing in a field of tall corn, wondering what’s in there with you.

It’s a track that unfolds slowly; with every listening you’ll notice another layer of sound you didn’t before. It offers an intrigue which will draw people to the rest of the album, keen to find more of the story. There’s something quite exciting happening here, but this is only a mere glimpse of it.

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