Brother & Bones – To Be Alive (EP Review)

When first introduced to Brother & Bones you suspect a folk-rock band and why not seeing as they have toured with the likes of Ben Howard? Yet this strong new album To Be Alive EP shows the band to be much more than that. It would be unjust to make a comparison to other bands for Brother & Bones are working their own sound and the To Be Alive EP is an exceptional example of originality.

The music video for the first track, To Be Alive, is available on Youtube and shows the band to be rocking and energetic on the stage and that is just what Brother & Bones are and how this album kicks off. The first track, To Be Alive, is one that will get crowds going. Lead Rich Thomas mixes vocals to start off soft to move into something so powerful mid song – it’s an incredible range. There is an obvious underlying of folk already at the start of this album but they are integrating with rock n roll and hints of grunge to make it their own.

Following To Be Alive is a dangerously seductive tune that brings out the bands heavier side. Strong melodic guitar work and a rocking beat combined with Thomas’s engaging vocals makes Raining Stone a song to admire.

In contrast to the start of the album comes a tranquil song of beauty. Lost As One is moving yet haunting track with emotional music and vocals that deliver impeccable lyrics such as: ‘This sleepless dream we’re drowning in, till all is lost as one…’ It is an emotional journey and a triumph for the band that will invoke sentiment even in the hardest of listeners.

Moving on from that impressing song is one that needs to be cranked up loud. Long Way To Go is something you would expect to see at the festivals with its striking beats and catchy lyrics. It is the one the crowd will join in whether they had heard it on not – a very remarkable song that is full of attitude.

It is just a shame that this album only contains 4 tracks. Hopefully we will be graced with a full album from these guys in the future for it is refreshing to hear a band that can have a range such as this without breaking away from their originality. Brother & Bones are twisting the old with the new and this is not just folk or rock or grunge. This is raw music played by guys with real talent.

Brother & Bones are on tour now and you can view the music video for ‘To Be Alive’ on Youtube. The ‘To Be Alive EP’ is available to download online from Monday 4th November via iTunes.

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