Symbol & Surface - Among the Graves (Single Review)

Symbol & Surface – Among the Graves (Single Review)

Symbol & Surface haven’t been lying around twiddling their thumbs since the release of their debut EP Brothers in 2011, they’ve been working on follow-up LP We Are the Same, which contains the single Among the Graves.

It’s always nice to start with the positives, so let’s do that. The title fits the song, when you read it you get the idea you’re not in for 4 minutes about how life is great. It starts with a relatively cheery tune but then dissolves into a story of pure misery, ending with the line (that had been used several times up to that point) “I can’t escape” to really hammer home the fact that things aren’t going too great.

Vocals are a lot weaker than the music, at least the music sounds intentional (not good, just intentional). It’s like hearing a man in the street singing along to his iPod without wanting people to hear. It’s flat with little to no emotion. To be fair, it is hard to add expression to something that that drags itself along so much.

The LP’s title is possibly a bit more accurate than they were hoping for, as Symbol & Surface provide the same kind of musical offering that every other band seems to think is cool and innovative right now.

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