Falling off Maps - Honest (Single Review)

Falling off Maps – Honest (Single Review)

There is something incredibly haunting about the video for ‘Honest’, the new single from Falling off Maps. Filmed on a grey, empty beach the imagery invokes feelings already within the music and intensifies them to dizzying levels. Taken from their debut album ‘A Seaside Town In Winter’, ‘Honest’ sets the tone for the rather bleak title.

The video for ‘Honest’ is the first of a three part story arc, which will play out in reverse. The videos are directed by the bands singer Dane Prewett and are very reflective of the band’s music. Melancholy and bleak in parts but with an oddly uplifting undercurrent (you can find it within the grey mists if you try really, really hard), the band have created an ambitious and complex single. The ending of the video is pretty powerful and rather horrible; it leaves the viewer with a lot of questions which will hopefully be answered in the next two videos. It certainly gives a sharper meaning to the song upon listening again. Storytellers at heart, their very lyrical music goes well with supporting cinematography but does not rely upon it. Both elements can stand alone, but together they are an incredibly powerful and stirring match.

A story arc of cinematography to accompany the release of your music is perhaps a tad self-indulgent, but when you’re this good I suppose you’re allowed to be.

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