The Capsules - Time Will Only Tell (Video Review)

The Capsules – Time Will Only Tell (Video Review)

Either there’s some strangely talented tiny blue lights, or The Capsules have been using special effects in their video for Time Will Only Tell in an attempt to make it look “trippy”. While this is not quite achieved, it’s still a good music video. It’s not the kind of mini-movie spectacle that seems popular at the moment (but also doesn’t feel like imagination has been restricted by budget constraints), instead it’s quite simple and not distracting from the music it’s supposed to accompany.

Speaking of the music, and trying to not come across as someone paid to say this, it’s brilliant. Accessible to most people and there is a perfect balance between vocals and instruments, neither overpowering the other. It’s all very clean, polished and professional. As a taster for an album (the album being Northern Lights & Southern Skies), it works very well. There is a desire to hear more. There is also the threat that all other songs don’t live up to the potential set out but let’s focus on the positives here.

Lyrically, it does have a serious case of ‘Strechoutthewordspossiblytoomuch-itis’. It’s also basically just a few lines that sound good and then “time will only tell” and “what are we becoming” on a  loop. However, that doesn’t really matter. It’s the music you stay for. A pounding drum beat that sounds like it’s inside your brain infused with electronic (for want of a better word) noises that make you feel like you’re in a movie.

If you want to see The Capsules live, you’re in luck! There are still some dates left on their tour. It is in America, though.

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