New Music: Thee Spivs – Straight Out of Art School (Single Review)

“Straight Out of Art School,” the newly released single from Thee Spivs, is a good tribute to mid-‘50s classic rock. It has fun walking bass lines, fast paced drum beat and even tones in their voices. However, that’s the extent of the song, just a great tribute.

The trick to releasing a single off of your new album is to give the listener something memorable, something that will make them come back and buy the album by the release date. Perhaps even have them waiting up until midnight to purchase the first copies. But based on this single, I don’t think I would even remember that Thee Spivs even had an upcoming CD release.

I’m also very particular about the lyrics of a song. Half of the song repeats the line “Straight out of art school.” Both the music and the lyrics were not memorable in any way.

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