Night Beds – Even If We Try (Single Review)

Night Beds – Even If We Try (Single Review)

Even If We Try is deceptively simple. At first you think it’s nothing more than a lone singing voice over a violin, with guitar, bass and piano hidden somewhere in the background, but with every extra listen you find more and more layers to peel off.

But even with all these layers, the song still manages to sound sparse, no doubt inspired by Night Beds’ surroundings: the biography on their website mentions a “hiatus spent driving the deserts and prairies and coastal roads of the United States, sleeping in a hatchback or on friendly couches.”

Winston Yellen sings tenderly, almost operatically, using his voice as an instrument in duet with the violin. It all builds up organically towards the end – nothing here feels forced: Even If We Try is a brilliant, heartfelt song that only shows it’s true beauty after repeated listens.

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