New Music: The Analog Affair – Violent Young

‘Violent Young’ is the newest release from The Analog Affair and listening to it you could never tell that this duo have been residing in different cities. The many different elements in this track fuse together perfectly, creating an infectious sound. Marketed as ‘pop music with soul’, this single certainly lives up to that. Leading on from an inconspicuous opening, the listener is lulled into what becomes an expansive synth-scape. Understated vocals weave in and out of the tight layers of electronics creating a euphoric piece of pop.

Perfectly produced, each listen reveals more. Immersing yourself into the layers of warm melodies and pulsing rhythm is an immensely uplifting process. Baker almost nonchalantly delivers lyrics that are to be shouted from rooftops. The refrain of ‘shout it out/we’re getting higher/turn it up/we light the fires right now’ is one surely to be repeated by many a reveler this summer.

Already anthemic in sound, this track would be a perfect addition to anyone’s playlist.

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