New Music: Construction & Destruction – Cato (Single Review)

Construction & Destruction is one of the rawest bands I’ve ever heard. They don’t try to be cute, demure, or soft in any of their songs. And this interesting sound, in a way kind of works for them.

The two singles they released for their upcoming album Dark Lark are both, well, rough. But rough doesn’t always mean bad. The dual vocals of David Trenaman and Colleen Collins have a ragged, edgy quality, and the guitar work is deep. They are unrefined and they stick to it.

The two singles, “Cato” and “The Horse Returns” also have a wide variety between them that keeps me intrigued for what else they have to offer for the rest of the album. The Canadian group has been around since 1994 and Dark Lark will be their fifth studio album. They’ve had time to cultivate this unique sound for a while now and it shows.

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