New Music: Arrows of Love – The Knife

Arrows of Love, with their grungy, punky rock, haven’t done too badly since forming a permanent line-up two years ago, having been awarded XFM’s ‘X-posure Hot One,’ performed various UK festivals, and supported the likes of Skunk Anansie and Anna Calvi.

This single, ‘The Knife,’ sparse and melancholic, could be about a breakup or depression, and works equally well however you see it, with the two singers, male and female, taking turns to sing – in the song’s slow, downbeat way – twisted lines such as “now feel the love/cut so quick/my open wound/the blood runs thin.” Singer and guitarist Nima Teranchi says that after a breakup, “that dark ability to open wounds is the only thing they have.” It all leads to a release of anger at the end, guitars and singing louder, messier.

It’s a beautiful, delicate song, contrasting with the more aggressive B-side, ‘So Very Predictable.’

‘The Knife’ is released June 3rd.

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