Hey Sholay – Cloud, Castle, _______ (EP Review)

For a band to come up with new tracks that sound like they’ve been around for years already is either quite impressive, or a sign that they’re incredibly heavily influenced by exsisting bands and have adopted some of their sound. With Hey Sholay, I’m not sure which rule applies. First track of new EP Cloud, Castle, ______, WDYRWMTB [Who Do You Really Want Me To Be?] gets a nomination for “Weirdest Song Ever”, purely because on first listen, it sounds like the twin of MGMT’s Kids, but then, if you re-listen (or listen fr the first time if you’ve been living under a rock) to the latter, there’s not much similarity at all. Sound weird? Listen to them both and understand, I haven’t just lost my mind. You will, however, find yourself so confused about how something can sound similar but, somehow, not really that similar at all, that ‘If the Big Yellow Thing in the Sky Was to Burn Out’ will almost completely pass you by. It’s worth listening to again, though, it feels like the EP is going in a different direction or, at least, calming down- albeit prematurely. Track 2 should never need to act as a sedative. It also feels like you should know all the words as it continues the trend its predecessor started and has a strange familiarity about it.

Whoever thought naming a track ‘Djdjdjjdjjdjjhhh’ would be hilarious needs to get themselves sorted out. While it’s understandable that naming an instrumental might be a bit difficult, it’s no excuse for coming up with what a toddler would type when first handed a keyboard…unless that’s how they got the title. As an instrumental, it’s the kind of thing you’d listen to if you ran out of sleeping pills. Not necessarily boring (though it is at times), but a bit slow and not too fussed about standing out…except for the drums, they get a starring role.

‘B is for Berlin’ should pull you out of any stupor you may have fallen into- not enough to pay attention to the lyrics, though. It’s another one that calls for a second listen. Or not, if just the guitar, bass and drum combination served its purpose well enough. If that is the case, feel free to move onto Love and a Hat (A Tattoo on the Knuckles).  The words that explain the title are most likely the ones that are hard to decipher. That said, making something a bit tricky to understand is a good way to get people to listen again. If that was the plan, well done, Hey Sholay.

A Marigold (Calendula Officinalis) is- as far as I know- not about the gloves you wear when cleaning the kitchen, instead comparing someone to the flower, which I guess is slightly more complimentary. There are “spacey style” effects thrown in (y’know, when it sounds like someone running their finger across piano keys constantly) if the tale of a guy that likes a girl isn’t doing it for you. Out of the 6, it’s the best closer but an entirely different track would’ve been better. While it is true that you should be left wanting more, that’s not the same as feeling like more is coming- the feeling you get when the EP is over.


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