Hangover Part 3 (Film Review)

This is so far the only film this year that I have regretted paying money to go and see up on the big screen. In fact I felt so bad about it that I actually felt unclean whilst I was watching it, I mean there I was at the cinema and all I kept thinking about is how any other film that was out at the time would benefit so much more from the money I spent on a ticket. Wonderful films like ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ a tremendously well-crafted picture which pays homage to past sci-fi films, ‘The Great Gatsby’ a superbly directed film which no doubt will encourage young people everywhere to read the novel and ‘Mud’ a small indie flick that reminds you just how beautiful film can be. ‘The Hangover part 3’ is none of the above and is essentially a film that’s only existence is to make money and regrettably I believe it will (hence why I felt unclean as I feel I helped it achieve its goal).

Now to be fair and I know I’m going to sound like a hypocrite after how harsh I was above, but I would be lying if I said I never laughed. The film does have some fairly funny moments; the more subtle humour actually works quite well. However most of the jokes are just plain mean spirited and I constantly got angry at the audience for laughing at jokes which mocked the elderly or disabled. Plus the animal cruelty was just too much and painfully unfunny.

Now the biggest problem with the film is that it plays out like an action movie rather than a comedy which is why I think it was lacking in laughs. I know I’m going to sound hypocritical again but the film isn’t actually as bad as a lot of the major critics would have you believe and I say this in a non-biased way as I wasn’t particularly a fan of the 2 previous Hangover films. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a Hangover film except everything is cranked up to 11. Overall it is a bad film, but it’s not like the other 2 films were exactly masterpieces either.

The plot is Alan has had a bit of a breakdown since his father has died, so his friends are taking him to a clinic where he may get better. On the way there Doug is kidnapped by John Goodman and the usual hijinks entail as the group try to get him back. Now I don’t know if you realise but there is one thing missing from that plot synopsis… OH YEAH THE HANGOVER!! This doesn’t even happen till a segment in the credits. Now I know people were angry that the second film was essentially the first but with cruder jokes, but at least it had the same formula, here I don’t even know what they were trying to do!?

Ok so here’s how I feel. Whilst the film may not be entirely awful and it may have a few chuckles, I am glad the trilogy is finally over and hope people will realise how overrated it was, I long for the day when comedy becomes original and hilarious once again.

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