New Video: Girls in Hawaii – Misses (Single Review)

My deepest gratitude goes to the Belgian rock scene from days of yore, for producing the talent that is ‘Girls in Hawaii’. The 6-piece indie pop band returns after a 3-year grieving period following the tragic death of their drummer – blessing us with the video to their new track ‘Misses’. Time is a healer, but I must say, time literally stood still listening to this song.

‘Misses’ is the title track from ‘Girls’ 4-track EP, to be released May 13, via French label Naive. It will also feature on their third album due for release later in the year. With four guitarists, drums and keyboard, the myriad instrumental sounds in this track create a natural harmony that is seamless in its delivery – even considering there is a style change later in the song, followed by peaceful chanting and lilting electronica. Coupled with the smoothly delicate and mellowed vocals, ‘Misses’ is a humbling tribute paying homage to where ‘Girls’ have been, and where they are soon to head. Much like in the video clip that shows timeless nature and how fragile we and our world are – it is with wonder and awe that the fusion of sound in this track can be so beautifully organic.

‘Girls in Hawaii’ will be performing for their first time in Brighton at the Great Escape Festival on May 18. If you have the opportunity and want time to blissfully stop ticking for 40 minutes or so, then it is in your best interest to check them out. Just remember to breathe.


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