New Music: Broken Hands – Curves

“Curves” by fledgling band Broken Hands is a solid single to release before their EP “Down By The Current” hits the scene. Of the almost 3,000 listens of the song on their SoundCloud page, I’ve probably contributed a good 100 listens.

It’s just an incredibly interesting sound. The band wastes no time in letting the listener find their sound. The singer’s voice and tone brings up a sort of haunting wail. When I listen to the unsigned four-piece band, I envision them in a dimly lit bar/alternative music cavern, think the places the Beetles first started hanging out in. Not that their sound is anything like the Beetles, but their vibe is. Their tempo and riffs are a steady undercurrent for the singer’s unique voice.

The only thing I would like to see more from this band is a little more depth in their interludes. Maybe they should give the drummer a little more range. Layering would allow for the other instruments to shine a bit more. Granted, the band is only about two years old. They have a lot of time to perfect that.

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