The Earth And Everything In It – We Wander At Night (Album Review)

Deep, contemplative and musically complex, The Earth And Everything In It, are described on their press release as delivering “a sound of that which is customarily harnessed only by the classical and instrumental worlds”. Now I’m not entirely sure what that means but listening to this cinematic rock group from North Dakota, I have found myself mulling over the vast landscape of modern rock music and where exactly this album fits into it.

On the surface, ‘We Wander At Night’ is just like any other rock record with heavy, distorted guitars ripping through each track with drive and ambition; pounding drum beats stirring up the mix whilst still holding everything together; and an incredibly confident and competent singer ringing off a mash of sombre lyrics. Upon first listening, you hear a perfectly acceptable rock album that could either go one of two ways.

Where this beauty of this album truly lies is in the finer details. Hidden between each layer of each individual track is a maze of intricacies where you can’t help but find something new that makes you say “Woah, that was awesome!” out loud with each and every listen. To truly appreciate ‘We Wander at Night’, you must sit down and really listen to the music; take in how it’s put together and what that means. Listen a little deeper and you wont be disappointed.

After a short opening, The Earth And Everything In It delivers everything that it sets out to do with an epic and grand opening all crammed into a track lasting a little over seven minutes entitled ‘Become Only’. As I said before, on the surface it is just another rock piece, However, lying a little below the surface lead singer and project mastermind, Yishai Mags, has conjured a track that is heavy and delicate at the same time. Dropping from a metallic mix of loud pulsing rock to a slow and encompassing distorted sway and then back again in such a way that you don’t even realise it is happening is a feat that takes a lot of skill, talent and composure.

The band’s debut single ‘Future Fears’ is an equally impressive track on the the album and gives a sense a what to expect. Available to download now, the track has a slower and more melancholy vibe than some of the others on the album but still shows off slick writing and execution. Mags’ is a terrific vocalist with the power of Jared Leto and the occasional sincerity of Justin Vernon. His voice sits perfectly amidst the deep and intimate lyrics that have obviously been rigorously thought through to deliver something that is incredibly personal and I think that demands great respect.

One of the biggest drawbacks to ‘We Wander At Night’ is the sheer musical complexity of the majority of the tracks. I fear that many listeners will simply not put the effort that is required into listening to such a great album and not pick up on some of its delicacy. However, if you give it the attention it so rightfully deserves you will find an album which is less of a stereotypical rock record and more of a experimental and cinematic art project with a grandeur and scope that so many musical artists strive for but never achieve.

‘We Wander At Night’ is to be released 30th April by Minerald Sound Recordings.

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