New Music: Kirsty McGee – ‘Sandman’/’Setting Of The Sun’

‘When the Sandman blows your eyes, I’ll be there’ croons Kirsty McGee in her distinctive velvet tones on the opening to her 2008 track ‘Sandman’, a track which was featured in the Danny Boyle film Trance, released last month.

Emerging from a background of underground jazz and Americana folk, English singer-songwriter Kirsty McGee has almost ten years of touring and six albums under her musical belt already.

To celebrate the featuring of ‘Sandman’ in Trance, McGee has re-released it as a single, along with the accompanying B-side ‘Setting Of The Sun’ (taken from her recent album Contraband).

Both tracks are beautifully ponderous jazz numbers, deeply influenced by McGee’s deep love for the bygone eras of beat jazz, hobo-culture, and the crackle of old vinyl. The focus here is on the lyrics and the emotion conveyed by McGee’s vocals, rather than the instrumentation.

Not only was McGee’s track ‘Sandman’ featured on the soundtrack for Trance, but it also influenced the film’s entire score. The score’s composer, Rick Smith of Underworld, incorporated the ‘I’ll be there’ lyric from ‘Sandman’ into the whole score.

Danny Boyle has praised both the track and the role it plays in the film’s score; ‘On Trance we had a song called ‘Sandman’ by Kirsty McGee. Frank Cottrell Boyce, the writer we worked with on my film Millions, he sent me that years ago. We’d been working a little bit on Trance and I always thought, ‘That’s the song to Trance really. They way Rick worked on the music with Trance, it’s not like the standout song, but it was always there right from the beginning. And when you hear the song, if you know the song, you’ll kind of hear how it might be a song about this film when you’ve seen the film’.

‘Sandman’/’Setting Of The Sun’ are available now on Hobopop Recordings.

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