Album Preview: The Great Malarkey – The Case Of The Badly-Stuffed Animals

My arse is jiggling, my toes are tapping, I want to risk heart failure from jumping spasmodically, drenching anyone around me in flicks of rancid sweat…oh yeah, 7-piece East Londoner’s, The Great Malarkey, are going to blow your effing mind!

Malarkey are set to reignite the flames of skrunk (ska-reggea-punk) and give birth to Fypsy (folk-gypsy) with their new album, ‘The Case of the Badly-Stuffed Animals’, released April 7 via 7Music. Influenced by the likes of Tom Waits, Beirut, Mano Negra, Fanfare Ciocarlia, The Dead Brothers and the Pogues – Malarkey throw at you a bucket of musical genred-chum, and you’re guaranteed to lap it up and beg for more.

“Poor Against Poor” leads you into a sea shanty that has you up and down like waves in a storm. The frequent change of tempo, trumpet cries and chorus are as infectious as a bad case of seasickness – just try not to spew delight to this track. There may also be a “Badman” lurking in the corner, but all I care about this ska/reggae beat that has me nodding my head and licking my lips to the sound of Alex Ware’s sultry and yet cheeky vocal accompaniments to the slutty trumpet and throbbing bass.

From the preview of the album I’ve heard, it’s safe to say that the power-chocked eclectic fusion of accordian, trumpet and banjo combined with the usual suspects of drums, bass, guitar and attitude-laden vocals, are going to pack a punch that’ll make you proud to show off the bruises.

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