One to Watch: Half Moon Run

One to Watch: Half Moon Run

Half Moon Run are a band that have something familiar about their sound… Listening over and over, it’s difficult to put your finger on it. The vocal sounds like a Dan Auerbach/ Jeff Buckley fusion with the harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel. The soft electronic vibe is reminiscent of The Maccabees and Foals, a folk sound which calls upon Fleet Foxes and First Aid Kit, synth organ back in the stereo field screams, “Arcade Fire” and the odd track has a Radiohead twist (for example, ‘No More Losing the War’.) Half Moon Run are another group to pick up on the new wave of neo-psychedelia sweeping the music scene alongside bands like Tame Impala, Peace, Younghusband as they too have the portomento and echo effects to their sound. All of this is beautifully rounded off with a ‘60’s tone most audibly related to Grateful Dead.

The fact that Half Moon Run’s music brings such successful and awesome musicians to mind can only be a good thing! It’s like they’ve picked out the best elements of my iTunes and mixed it up to create their sound.

In 2012 the American trio release debut album, Dark Eyes. On the success of the album they are set to be touring Europe in support of Mumford and Sons through March and April. Not only this- they have a new single, ‘Full Circle’ which will be released April 8th. What more could you want?!

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