Harry George Johns - Tie Your Own Noose (Single Review)

Harry George Johns – Tie Your Own Noose (Single Review)

Striking like a diary entry from a man who feels he can go on no longer, Tie Your Own Noose is a brutally honest reflection from Harry George Johns on his torrid end to 2011. Facing all manners of difficulties including mental illness while living on a friend’s floor, he came up with the songs that form his EP Post-Breakdown Blues. The video itself feels like a reflection of the pain Johns suffered during this period; set against a bleak background in Leeds, featuring the incredible and sudden demise of its protagonist, a preacher. Its message is simple yet severe and the song that accompanies it allows Johns to relay his inner emotions: the words “I am so alone” have rarely seemed so arresting until repeated by Johns as he gazes thoughtfully past the camera. A remarkably frank and open piece and certain to be a staple of the acoustic gigs that Harry George Johns is soon to be staging across the country.

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