Willy Moon – My Girl

Willy Moon – My Girl

Willy Moon – the 23 year old sleek-faced-heart-throb is back with a brand new track “My Girl” which
is set to be released on March 3rd for download. With all the new artists in 2013 it’s hard to forget
the charming face that supported Jack White on his sell-out tour in 2012!

“My Girl” starts with a statement beat at the start before Moon’s smooth American sounding
voice rolls over the top like the icing on the cake. Looking like Danny from Greece in his artwork
accompanying the track, you can almost imagine a montage in your head of a blonde haired girl
being serenaded by Willy Moon!

Willy has sold out his London show in February (99% female audience, I’m sure!) fortunately he has
announced more dates which are available for sale on the 11th February! Get buying girls!

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