The Spook School - Here We Go (Single Review)

The Spook School – Here We Go (Single Review)

The Edinburgh based four- piece ‘The Spook School’ recently issued a statement about the band being signed to Fortuna POP! Records. I always like hearing of a Scottish band getting signed; they have also started recording their debut album in London’s Soup Studios.  I’m pleased for them. Looking at the blog on their website they are genuinely chuffed and a bit overwhelmed about their signing and success, and totally complimentary to the other bands they have met. It’s really cute.

They have a recent single which was released on Cloudberry Records is called ‘Here We Go’ and the video is up on their YouTube. The video itself is even pure cute. It’s like a home video of the band messing around in Paris and on trains. The song itself has a catchy indie rhythm, something you might hear on a phone advert. It’s so upbeat it’s enough to put you in a good mood just hearing it. What I like the most is the lead singer; you can totally hear the Scottish in his voice. It reminds me a bit of Biffy or the Fratellis. It’s quite a thick accent and it just adds a bit of attitude to the song. Like how the Arctic Monkeys have the whole thick Sheffield accent going on, it adds to the overall style and effect of the music. That’s what these guys have. It’s a really good song and I think it would sound even better live.

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