New Video: The Cribs – Leather Jacket Love Song

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Indie guitar didn’t die but the hype sure did.  The days of Blue, Oasis, Suede and the Verve are behind us by a whole bunch of dizzying years.  Every now and again there is a modern indie revival with the likes of The Kooks, Snow Patrol and Mumford and Sons but most of these acts are either a flash in the pan or aren’t really indie by nature.

Yorkshire based band The Cribs have taken a page from this playbook with their latest single “Leather Jacket of Love” and its accompanying video.  The video itself is an endearingly low-fi piece which features some early/amateur footage of the band preparing to play and then playing a gig in Ossett town hall.

The music itself is simple indie guitar with a twitchy edge to it, lots of high notes and a nice, simple melody.  The lyrics and vocals are delivered in a similar style, there’s a sandpaper Yorkshire edge to the vocals but the song itself has a gentle, unassuming tone which seems to fit with the bands fun-loving and unpretentious style.

In terms of its influences, the song sounds a little bit like Suede, though lacks Brett Anderson’s acerbic vocal lines or the insect like tone of the guitar.  The Cribs present a nice, gentle melodic indie-pop song that may not be a flash in the pan but also doesn’t blow the doors off.  But not everything needs to.

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