New Video: ME – Vampire!! Vampire!!

Australia has been presenting some awesome artists recently including Tame Impala and Jagwar Ma with their re-invented psychedelic rock. Their latest gift are Aussie prog-rockers, ME. Things are going pretty well for the all-male quartet so far after they spent 2012 touring with the likes of Panic! At The Disco, Kasabian and Twin Atlantic.

February 25th sees them release their debut album, Even the Odd Ones Out. From that album comes the single ‘Vampire!! Vampire!!’ If you’re expecting it to be just another medium jumping on the Vampire/ Werewolf bandwagon you’re wrong.  ME’s lead vocalist, Luke Ferris says, ‘(Vampire!! Vampire!!) is about the blood sucking creeps who run those reality, X-Factor type TV shows. I can’t stand the whole system-‘. Not only is the band re-inventing prog/glam rock with their rumbling bass lines and rhythm guitar but they’re giving a little message with their music too.

As if in an attempt to get through to the reality TV lovers, the chorus overstates the theme with catchy repetition and un-taxing chord progressions and a gory video. (In which- attention ladies- Luke Ferris looks very much like late Jim Morrison…)

‘Vampire!! Vampire!!’ out February 25th

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