New Video: Farewell JR – Night Wolves

When Farewell JR’s frontman, Nick Rayner, returned to Cambridge for what he described as “much needed time to be alone”, he intended to work on a solo music project. What actually resulted was Farewell JR’s impressively multi-faceted debut EP ‘Health’.

Prior to the March release of the EP, Farewell JR have released their stand-out single ‘Night Wolves’ along with a beautifully shot video. The track is stirringly emotive, layered with a full orchestral sound which was literally recorded in studios on opposite sides of the world. The music stands on an equal footing with the vocals, with each melting into one another and alternating in taking the limelight. The result is almost more of an absorbing musical experience than a traditional song.

The video was filmed and directed by Brendan Canty and Conal Thomson of Feel Good Lost, and stands as a tribute to friends of theirs who have recently lost their fathers. Shot in black and white, it was inspired by their friends’ courage and bravery, and fits snugly with the mood of the ‘Night Wolves’ track.

At the end of the month, Farewell JR head out on tour as a support act for Maps & Atlases, ending the run with their own headline show in London.

Already picked up by BBC Radio 1, Farewell JR have the makings of becoming something inspirational for today’s music scene, with tracks dishing out a sense of stillness within the full force of an orchestral instrumental. Like standing alone in the middle of a crowd.

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