My Mad Fat Diary – Episode 6

It’s the end of a (6 week) era. Rae needs to be happy, but she’s got to fill an hour first. In the beginning of the episode, she’s moody as usual. To be fair, though, her friend Tix spending her time hooked up to hospital machines doing a good impression of a cyborg is quite depressing. So depressing, the next shot is of Rae standing on a bridge looking out at the dual carriageway. She’s not jumping, just likes the view. However, the line “I don’t deserve to be happy” suggests she may be giving it another visit.

Following up from last week’s rave, it’s time to meet up with the gang in a cafe. This means she has to face Chloe, who dared to kiss Finn. Which, despite not knowing Rae likes him, is basically the worst thing ever in the history of humanity. The gang draws attention to Izzy’s absence. If they hadn’t pointed it out, it would have gone completely unnoticed.

Chloe is happy that she kissed Finn, even though she didn’t like him too much beforehand. Now, she really likes him and Rae really doesn’t like that because other people’s happiness is forbidden. She’s getting Chloe back in her mind, she’s crossing her off an imaginary list of people she can talk to that she created a little earlier.

Another issue from last week is the family Rae saw Karim with. Turns out mother and daughter won’t be sharing each other’s misery, Karim just has a very close relationship with his sister. She didn’t know this because she never tried to get to know him. This issue allows the conversation to shift to who Rae’s proper Dad is. Her proper Dad isn’t that great, he knows where they live but still doesn’t bother getting in touch. Shame Jeremy Kyle didn’t have a show in the 90s, he could’ve solved all Rae’s daddy issues and maybe the series could have been a lot happier.

Rae decides the conversation should be had later, leaving you wondering why she started it then. Also, her mum has been crossed off the list of people she can talk to…despite the fact she was being quite open and chatty.

It’s OK that she can’t talk to her mum, though, because she’s got her diary. Except, she hasn’t. She left it in the cafe and Chloe has it. This is a recipe for disaster as she hasn’t been writing wonderful appraisals of her friend. When she goes to see Chloe to retrieve the diary, she isn’t in the best of moods, heavily suggesting that she had a little read.

Losing the diary means she doesn’t feel she can confide in it anymore. Most people would continue to write but just look after it more, but if Rae was like everyone else she wouldn’t be the lead character in a TV show. Flicking through the pages causes some crying as she has a 3rd person flashback of her own life, seeing herself being rushed down a hospital corridor having cut her legs. This trip down memory lane leads to her ending up back on the bridge, having written what is apparently the most boring suicide note ever. I was not aware that suicide notes were supposed to be laced with humour. It’s a more educational programme than I gave it credit for.

She didn’t jump off the bridge this time either…she walked in front of a car, though. Then it’s E4’s version of It’s a Wonderful Life for a while, as when in a coma (that she isn’t actually in, she’s just unconscious), Tix shows her what the world would be like without her in it. Turns out, a world without Rae results in the closure of a chip shop. People are reminded of her and stop going, not because her diet was the only thing keeping the business afloat. Also, Izzy is going out with the drug dealer from last week and Chloe is married to Archie for some reason. Most importantly, Finn goes to see the grave because he misses her. Aw. Oh, and her Mum moves because things don’t work out between her and Karim.

The most surprising thing about her hallucination isn’t any of the effects on the world, it’s that everyone involved forgot that they can act. Throughout the series, all performances have actually been consistent and solid but, for the segment, everyone seemed like they were trying too hard to be convincing and failing.

There’s a twist to be revealed when the identity of the car driver is shown to be one of the group of local boys that nobody likes. The twist is that he’s not too bad a guy and wants to make sure she’s OK. He’s also only mean to her because she looks at him less than desirably. He’s not the most intelligent of people.

A trip to see Dr Gill goes awry when she, well, doesn’t see Dr Gill. Not right away, anyway. He’s buggered off to live the high life- sleeping in the toilet of a one bedroom flat. All should work out well, they both have a cup of tea and it’s a well documented fact that that solves everything. Things with his wife aren’t going so well and he ran away from work because of what happened to Tix and because Rae left. He sees his new living arrangements as a fresh start.

Him being a mess makes him more real, like Rae and Tix. So, naturally, he has a little cry. Then they have Rae’s much needed session in his flat because everyone loves taking their work home. She’s missed her Mum’s wedding (the version that isn’t being held in Tunisia, anyway) and says they had a sort of argument. She’s mentioning her Daddy issues. She sees it as unfair that he left when she was 7, most people would. With this, Dr Gill orders her to accept herself, and others should too.

Rae gets herself to her Mum’s wedding reception, sporting the dress and converse look. As stylish as it is, it’s perhaps not the most appropriate style choice.

At the reception, Izzy says some lines! It took a whole series but she finally gets to be a proper part of a conversation. It’s only to explain where she was the night of the rave but it still counts. Chloe tells Rae to stay away from the group. Clearly the cheeriness of the occasion has passed her by.

The speech is handled by Rae’s Mum, presumably because she speaks the same language the guests do. Her speech is short, meaning her daughter can take over…and make it all about her. She announces the real reason she was away for 4 months and her friends, the ones who we were supposed to believe would be freaked out and never speak to her again, aren’t really bothered and applaud her.

A little extra bit of proof that Rae isn’t a normal teenager- she doesn’t join in with the Macarena. Despite this, things get better from then on. She discovers Chloe didn’t read her diary, instead found a piece of paper on which Rae had written that Chloe doesn’t deserve Finn. That’s still not very nice but a lot better than what she could have read. Things are back to being fine between them because of the bravery of her speech. Yay!

All ends well for the episode/series. Finn reveals that he loves Rae so she can finally be properly happy about something, she gets to know Karim and Tix didn’t die.

The soundtrack of the series will be missed, even if they didn’t throw in some Spice Girls just for fun. Maybe they’ll include some in the second series.

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