Presley Johnson – Images of Youth (Album Preview)

A preview of Presley Johnson’s upcoming album

Northampton-based indie four-piece Presley Johnson have only been on the scene since 2010, but they’ve been gigging hard in both the UK and Europe, and this February they look forward to the release of their second album, ‘Images of Youth’.

Their list of influences is extensive and all-encompassing, ending with the summary “generally everything the eyes do see, the ears do hear or the hands do touch.” And that comes through in the music. It’s full of life; not epic adventures or heroic acts, but everyday, strolling in the park kind of life. And the dreamy melodies remind us that everyday life can be both exciting and beautiful.

They’ve grown since their 2011 self-titled debut; tidied their songs, cemented their sound, and organised that motley list of influences; moulding it into something truly awe-inspiring.

With a thoroughly modern folk edge, the gently upbeat tracks will bring back memories of every lazy summer you’ve ever had; holidays by the sea, swimming in cool lakes, lying in long grass. And this summer feel will ensure that, despite its February release date, ‘Images of Youth’ will be played well into the summer (if the weather can’t give us the summer we dream of, at least Presley Johnson can).

One listen to the nostalgic and bewitching sound of Presley Johnson will have you searching for someone to hug, or on the phone to organise a day out with old friends. Presley Johnson is something you want to share, and it’s music that should be shared. You won’t be able to help but fall in love with it, but I can promise you, this will be much more than just a fleeting summer romance.

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