New Video: The Chapman Family – Adult

The Chapman Family have a name that instantly makes me think of Rex Chapman, a former guard, who played in the NBA for the Phoenix Suns, whom was a player I liked. Well played, guys, well played. After doing a bit of research on the band, I found out they were classified as a pop-punk band. My taste in music gravitates towards the pop-punk genre so I have to admit that’s another vote of confidence for this band. So let’s see, Rex Chapman, pop-punk, check and check, now let’s review their song ‘Adult’.

Within the initial 10-15 seconds of the ‘Adult’ starting out, I heard a static sounding intro that reminded me of some of my favorite bands (Alkaline Trio, Sugarcult) and how they would intro particular songs. So needless to say, this song was off on the right foot (that’s the first time I think that I’ve ever used that phrase… you’re welcome). Next up is a melodic beat of the drums which is accompanied by a slightly edgey guitar progression. However, in my opinion, the song hits a bit of a snag once the vocals kick in. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got a good voice. But I just don’t entirely believe the tone of the vocals goes all that well with the song. The melody of the track seems very upbeat and rhythmic while the vocals appear to be somewhat mono-tone. However, at around the 3:45 minute mark of the song, there is a feeling of angst and aggression in the vocals that breeds new life into the song. This new dimension in range goes hand in hand with the melody of the song. It’s safe to say that if this was kept up throughout the song, I would have nothing negative to say about it.

This song lacks in some areas but makes up for it in almost all other areas. That made sense to me, so I hope it made sense to you. Overall, it’s a great effort from a great band. It just needed something more to take it over the top. As a fan of the pop-punk genre, I can definitely appreciate what the guys were going for with ‘Adult’. Give it a listen and let me know your opinions of the song.

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