New Video: How to Dress Well – & It Was U

Chicago-based musician Tom Krell (aka How To Dress Well) has just released a video for ‘& It Was U’, from his critically-acclaimed 2012 album Total Loss.

The video was directed by photographer and filmmaker Luke Gilford, and produced by Urban Outfitters, as part of their UO Music Video Series.

The simple video, with its washed-out colour tones, is the perfect accompaniment to ‘& It Was U’, on which the sparse instrumentation places the focus solely on Krell’s soulful vocals.

Krell says of the video, “The story is basically just that Luke [Gilford, the director] and I were very much on the same page from the start about how this whole thing was going to look and feel. The whole vibe was inspired by Safe by Todd Haynes. We talked about Safe. We talked about the very special character of the human soul in its unassailable tendency towards magic and inspiration. We talked about love and the supernatural within the everyday or mundane. Magic and beauty can exist anywhere, at any time”.

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