New Video: Funeral For A Friend – The Distance

As a band frequently recognised for progression and maturity with each record, fans have high expectations for the new release for 2013, Conduit. It’s their sixth album and twelfth year as a band, but by no means have they settled! Latest addition, drummer Pat Lundy has worked with them on the new album. With a fore name that sounds like a rim-shot, how can this man not improve their rhythms?

The first track to be released is ‘The Distance’. In true Funeral for a Friend style it bombards you with catchy guitar riffs and post-hardcore drumbeats from the second it kicks in. Unlike tracks from the previous album, Welcome Home Armageddon, such as ‘Front Row Seats to the End of the World’ lead singer Matthew seems to have evolved new methods of lyrical emphasis. You’d be forgiven for thinking that lyrical emphasis is code for ‘shouty-screamo’ but they’ve evolved new techniques, in the form of note repetition. It’s not a track that’s going to be celebrated for it melodies, as in the first verse and chorus alone the same note is repeated a staggering 81 times. With an album title like Conduit, Funeral for a Friend suggest that for this album the message is the most important thing – a musical vessel.

The balance between monotony and melody is restored with the chorus displaying some deviation from G. It’s a catchy, crowd-pleaser, with deeper meaning to boot. The album will be released 28th January, with the single out 11th February to keep you going until then.

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