New Music: ‘Mozart’s Sister’ – Mozart’s Sister

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Mozart’s Sister, a solo project from Montreal’s Caila Thompson-Hannant, has drawn comparisons to Kylie Minogue and other 80’s female pop solo acts and with evidence like this track it’s difficult to argue.

Like many 80’s (and Minogue) tracks ‘Mozart’s Sister’ operates on a glittery, disco electro beat, with this one bouncing back off the vocals of Thompson-Hannant. Where I found she differed from many pop acts of the 80’s was the surprising powerful voice she possesses. Many of the song’s highlights come in the moments where her voice rises highest, electrifying otherwise a rather forgettable track. While by the end of the song I was still none the wiser as to what it feels like to be Mozart’s sister (or how Thompson-Hannant had come to know what this felt like) I was still impressed with this fascinating attempt and I’m sure Mozart’s Sister will do well when her second EP ‘Hello’ is released via the Merok label.


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