Foxygen – San Francisco (Single Review)

Songwriting duo Foxygen create a soundscape that defies the neat genre boxes people like to push bands into, with even their PR company refusing to define them. Post-modern, psychadelic, yet strangely retro and oddly familiar, Foxygen stand with one foot solidly planted in the 1960s with the other stretched out into the future.

Their latest single, ‘San Francisco’, is taken from their upcoming album ‘We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic’ out on January 22nd. This single certainly does conjure up thoughts of both peace and magic; it’s dreamy and bizarre, likely to leave you with a thick head and an indefinable warmth somewhere in your stomach.

The accompanying video is equally dreamy and nostalgic, conjuring up visions of summer romances and the kind of love you always think will last forever. As the song jingles to its gentle conclusion, you’ll likely find yourself reliving the memory of your first kiss and the summers you had as a child. You’ll be left wanting more of this, even if you don’t quite know why.

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