Everything Everything – Arc (Album Preview)

The movie hasn’t started yet but the trailers roll.  Ninety seconds to two minutes of a movie you’ve yet to see and it entices, teases and often reveals a little bit too much.  You make a mental note of the title.  “This one I gotta see”.

A good trailer makes you want more of the movie.  A teaser trailer, a Hollywood term, is one that precedes the actual trailer and hints at what may be in the full movie.  These are often just single scenes.  Everyone remembers the “Cloverfield” teaser with the Statue Of Liberty’s severed head crashing down in a Manhattan street.  The internet rush afterwards was huge.

Everything Everything have tried a similar approach with their Arc Preview video’s, premiering on Youtube.  Here twenty two seconds of each track play alongside with a brief barrage of visual images that form a sort of small music video.

It’s a novel approach from the eccentric Manchester based band who have never been afraid to play against type.  The normal vocal range of the Jonathan Higgs shines through over the top of the eclectic, indie-pop of the band.

But twenty two seconds isn’t a very long time.  For some of these songs, they’ve barely reached the first chorus when the clip ends.  The whole preview takes less than seven minutes, which means to preview an entire album took less time than some “Tool” or “Led Zeppelin” songs.

Whilst the visual images are striking and well chosen, they are almost a bit dazzling too when juxtaposed with their volley of sounds and the two can leave you a little dizzy, unable to fully process what it was you were listening to and seeing.

A preview track, just one full length track, may have given a listener a better idea of whether they would like what they were about to hear.  Equally making the whole album available for a while has proven, as with Jessie Ware, to be a successful way to build up buzz and appreciation of the new music to come out.

As for the musical “teaser trailer”, it looks to be a bold but failed experiment.

You can watch them all here –  let us know what you think

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