Waylayers - 'Magnets' and 'Love Locked'

Waylayers – ‘Magnets’ and ‘Love Locked’

Electro poppers Waylayers are set to release two tracks that are very Coldplay esk and revolve around a catchy dreary synth that are very addictive but at the same time tedious.

The tracks are set to be released on November 26th and are entitled ‘Magnets’ and ‘Love Locked’, which is being released as a free download, a track that ideally would be used in a packed out night club where the punters are so drunk they would dance to just about anything. Whilst the track is a little gloomy and not very enjoyable, the main attraction is the synth that carries the song and gives the listener some leverage in the hopes of not turning the track over before the four-minute song comes to an end.

Moving on to the main focus of the composition that is ‘Magnets’, the more livelier of the two with a slightly more faster pulse than ‘Love Locked’ but with no real difference apart from the imagery of the magnets flying around in the video which I thought was quite clever but unfortunately that’s it unless your a massive fan of Coldplay and don’t mind electro pop.

I can see this song being blasted on dance floors all over the world, but in my headphones? I don’t think so.

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